Thailand relies on an even playing referee barely made ​​a 3:3 draw, will face Rulangsihu Australia, the Orangemen Why break hurdle ?

There is no doubt that after the end of the war in Thailand, this idea has been in the country to occupy the mainstream. Clearly, from the Battle of Australia less than 10 days, even if Dewy then have the ability, the strength of the Orangemen have been impossible to have a big progress.

So, how are we to a state of mind to face the"Australian Kangaroo", which became the most now, is only worth considering. Orangemen, please sheer number, though already bid world cup jerseys farewell to the national team for a long time, but the team's coach Wei Xin Lifan watching the national team almost every game.

For the Orangemen current problems, there is a near- paranoid Wei Xin insisted : talk tactics, talk about staff composition, and even talk returnees."In fact, I think the biggest problem the team now exists is how the whole team an overall pinch, Field everyone because of various character can not very good friends, but in the field must become seamless comrades. And each national team player, have truly worthy of his chest emblem, every game for the world cup jerseys 2014 national team, must pay a hundred percent."

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